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Default Ayup from North East England!

Real name? Owen

Age? 26

How long have you been playing? For about a year when I was 15, and now for about 3 weeks.

Origin of user name? My real name. heh. :P

Make of drumkit? Tama Starclassic (snare, kick, two toms, two floor-toms).

Make of cymbal? Zildjian (hit-hat, 16'' & 18'' crash, 20'' ride).

Where do you practice? At home in my spare room ... located nearest to the driveway. ;)

Are you in a band? No, but I would love to eventually.

Do you play covers or originals? I'm still practising, so I guess it's a mixture of both.

What style of music? Rock & Metal especially... but open to try out most genres, though I'm not keen on jazz that much.

Favourite take out food? Parmo ;)

What country do you live in? England

One really odd fact about yourself? I'm a respected "chip" musician in the C64 demoscene (known as "Conrad")... I'm taking a break from it at the time being.

How did you start drumming? I had a school mate who was into serious drumming, and I sometimes had a play with them after he had finished. This was when I was about 12 years old. I also used to go to a Christian centre (my dad told me to. ;)) where there was a Christian Rock band. After the service, I played around with the drum-kit and I also remember another older kid showing me some tricks on those drums.
When I was 14/15, my mother got me a starter drum kit for me to practise on. This was the point where I got into it a lot more and I grew to enjoy it. But, unfortunately, I started to focus more at school and higher education... so I ended up selling the drumkit. (which I regret to be frank).
Now, 11 years later, I had the tremendous itch to get back into drumming for real. So, for months, I saved up lots of money (thanks to my full-time job and being single ;)) and I have just bought myself a brand new drum kit from a respected music store in Stockton-on-Tees, England (Bandland). I've been practicing ever since and am remembering the skills I knew from being a teenager.

That's my story. :) Hello to everyone on here!! :D
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