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Default Bent HH stem and clutch won't stay tight

I've been using the same HH stand for 13 or so years now and have altered my playing styles many times since them. I used to play the hats way on the top, middle and now ive been playing them a lot lower...

My stem (about 6 inches from the top) is a little bent and is a HUGE pain to take the top hat off and on. Does anyone suggest taking a wrench to bend it back in place and some steel wool or sand paper to smooth out all the notches?

Also, My clutch wont stay tight and when the hat drops now I have to take it off and tighten it after every song.. Should I put some of that plumbers tape stuff on the grooves for it to stay on better?

Its a nice stand still and I dont want to spend any money. Its just starting to bother me.
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