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Default Re: When learning songs, do you actually memorize the number of bars in each part, or do you go by f

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
I tend to learn all of a song, not just drum parts and counts. By that I mean I know the melodies, rhythms, lyrics, and major parts of the song well enough to just know how long each goes and what follows what. I know the lyrical or melodic cues that lead into the next part, and as a band you should all be following the same dynamics which usually happen at the transitions between verses, bridges, choruses, etc..
Amen to this. I will also add chord changes. I've been in situations where the monitors were crap, and all I could hear was either the bass line or rhythm guitar/keyboards. Knowing the chord changes helped me stay with everyone else.

There are, of course, times when people are not playing together. In cases like that it was up to me to provide cues for where the band should be in the song. But I could only do that if I memorized all the other elements.
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