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Default Re: Yamaha Stage Custom Bebop

I own this same kit as well and I'm finally starting to love how it is sounding.

The birch shells were great for jazz but I wasn't getting enough beefy sound for fusion/ funk rock stuff. So I installed:

Bass drum: Emad clear // remo ambassador coated w/ a felt strip running down the inside of the redo side - I finally like the sound!! Great for my hip-hop/ fusion gigs. I use a remo fiberskyn FA w/ a port cut port hole for festival stuff that needs quick mic setup.

Toms: both have Evans level 360 G2 Coated// Genera clear - I simply just tune up for jazz/ brush stuff but the important thing is that they work for my heavier gigs.

I only bought the shells so I don't play on a Yamaha snare currently.
I never used a riser but I'm going to pick one up and try it out.

Important thing here is that this kit has some room to sound bigger than it is marketed for (be-bop) and is great for the versatile - gigging drummer. I contemplated trading it in for something bigger - but try some new heads before you do!! It's a beautiful kit.
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