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Default Re: Yamaha Stage Custom Bebop

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
You can compare them here:

Both are 6 ply. I have both kits, and besides the sizes and heads, they seem the same. Except for one thing. The Bop kit has a darker color on the natural wood than the regular kit. Might just be because they came off the line at different times, and changed the procedure or something.

Another thing that's a bit strange, is that the Canada site shows the Bop kit as discontinued, while the USA site doesn't. Maybe they're just discontinued in Canada - I don't know.

And for Ramblerboy - since your first post, I also tried an Aquarian Superkick head on the 18". It sounds real good, and might be another option for you if you still have the kit.

Thanks for your post. I had to go to the UK website to find the specs for the Bebop kit. Couldn't find it on the USA site.
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