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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? .. my name is Xuan

age? 20

how long been playing? allmost 5 years

origin of user name? Its my nickname on the net since 2 or 3 years now. Its come from a Manga called "Blame!"

top 5 drummers? .. only five?! :O hum if its a "only five" list I'll put only one drumer: Buddy R. ...but everyone put it so........ BERNHARD!!!!!! ;D

make of drumkit? don't have any kit :_( (I had a yamah electronic kit but I nether played on it and I sell it)

make of cymbal? my bassist buy me a Zildjian'sTitanium Splash .. but the fact is that Marco Minnemann dedicated it for me ;)

where do you practice? sometimes on pad, but I never do it more than an hour cuz its make my nervous: I hit harder and harder on it because there's no sound :x
so when I play with friends its in studios... a lot of money

are you in a band/s? ceveral band, but I have "my serious band" .. I'm looking further to make the other ones serious too ;)

covers or originals? covers (DT, SymphonyX, Iron Maiden, Blink182..etc that kind of stuff) and originals

what style of music? ...I listen a lot of music, every kind (and these days, more some electronica and techno stuff, cuz I want musics with no drums!) but I play more some Rock style music.. trying to play Jazz, but I'm too bad.

favourite take out food? Chinise (my mother's family is vietnamise)

country? France

one really odd fact about yourself? I have fast feet, and I don't really know why. ...I'm so lazy... and I have a lot of Sins... and I think I'm mad.

how did you start drumming? 5 years ago, in my boarding school, a friend was a drummer.... he just show me how he play.. and you know the end ;) "Merci Seb, sans toi je n'aurai jamais connu cet instrument"
"Voir une fois pour voir beau, voir deux fois pour voir juste"