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Default Re: How do I know if someone has replied to my post?

Originally Posted by joshhlegg View Post
thanks dude. Do you think it is possible they could implement such a feature in the forum? In my opinion it would be quite useful
From a software developer perspective, I can see a few issues with making such a feature reliable enough for public use:

1: If the notification is sent when a user clicks the "Quote" button, it will be invalidated if he changes his mind and chooses not to post after all

2: If the notification is sent when a user actually posts a message, the software will have to scan the message and look for QUOTE tags, and then try to determine what users are referenced in the quotes. This will usually work as long as the quotes are properly formatted and the user/post reference isn't removed, but it's not as foolproof as it should be.

3: Making it user-friendly might be a challenge. Subscribing to a thread is all fine, but how would you implement a feature that essentially subscribes to a post? Would you really want to autosubscribe to every post you create? For users who post frequently, that would be a pain in the behind, so you would probably need some sort of "Subscribe to replies to this post" checkbox somewhere, which you would have to remember to click.

4: Such a feature might produce a lot more e-mail and notification traffic, so it could prove to be a resource hog.

All that being said; this is a vBulletin forum, which has a HUGE library of possible plugins. I'm sure there are a few that attempt to add the functionality you ask for. It' just a question of whether it's something that most people would want, and whether or not the administrators would want the extra hassle of installing and maintaining another plugin.