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Default Re: How do I know if someone has replied to my post?

Originally Posted by joshhlegg View Post
Yep I already do that. But let's say I have started 150 threads, how will I know if someone has replied to me on one of my earlier threads? It's not practical to read through ALL them and search for a reply, considering some threads have hundreds of responses.

By the way, I mean a direct quote reply. Like this comment I am writing now
There's no way to track direct replies to specific posts, you can only track overall new posts in a thread. I don't actually know of any forum software that allows tracking and notification of direct replies outside of the social networking world.

As for looking for threads with new replies: Thread lists are always sorted by last reply, so the thread with the most recent activity will always be on top (unless you specifically click a column header to sort by something else).