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Default Re: My possible alternative cocktail kit?

Cocktail kits....they only exist to save space right? I mean that's the #1 reason right? From the back of your heel, to the cymbal stand leg that sticks out in the front, that is almost the same footprint as if you were sitting down at a kit, front to back at least. I do think this this could be used as a cocktail kit as is, if you have the room. If you don't have the room, as would be more the case I think, then I think you could still use this, but you would have to lose that one stand that holds the cymbal. It sticks out too far. It seems like the floor tom could be pulled back a little too...only to fit into tight spaces. The cymbal stand could be flown from a dogbone from your hi hat. I mean it sounds just great, but I think you could lessen the footprint with a dogbone and pulling the floor tom back to you a little. Your side to side footprint seems good for a space restricted stage but your front to back footprint seems to negate the whole reason for doing this.

I would hate to stand for a whole gig. Heel down is the only way to play a cocktail kit I am assuming. What if you had to open the hi hat while your kick drum beater is back? You would be standing on your heels. That's doesn't sound to stable/comfortable to me. But I guess guys do it. Martin never mentioned any issue with it. Bo you could play a set of overturned garbage cans and make them sound pro.

What's really needed is a bass drum turned sideways, with a custom made throne straddling it somehow, so the bass drum is under your seated tushy, played by a cable remote.

If there was that much space restriction, I'd consider a cajon with various jingle or noise making things on my wrist and feet, ala Jim Keltner. Either that or an E kit. Did I really say that?
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