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Default Re: How to improve the left hand.

Originally Posted by poekoelan View Post
I'm in the same boat, here's what I'm doing and it's been working well: I went through "Stick Control" and circled all the exercises that have the majority of the strokes played by the left hand. I practice these almost every day and I do it with double bass too. It got to the point after a month or so that I'm making up my own exercises based on ones in that book.

I'm still not quite where I want to be, but I have noticed a significant improvement on my left hand and left foot by doing this.
Great suggestion. There are definitely exercises in the stick control book that naturally emphasize equal hands more than others..those are the ones to really attack, imo. I think that's what you are saying.

Also, I know it sounds tedious, but just practicing each finger motion, wrist motion, arm motion slowly and very controlled with consistent pressure can make a huge difference.

For example, many years ago I made it a point to practice operating each finger independently on each hand. Fox:, flipping the bird with the left ring-finger while not moving any other fingers, was very difficult and a little painful at first. But once you get it going, it's a great strengthening exercise.

Drum sticks or away from the kit/pad, there's lots of possibilities.
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