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Default Re: My possible alternative cocktail kit?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Hi all,

I've futzed around with one of my bass drum pedals so it would strike upward and have cobbled my Slingerland kit into a 2-piece cocktail kit. I'm debating getting into cocktail drums for a potential coffee house-type group, but I think a regular cocktail kit is too tall for me.

I'd be interested in your thoughts on my solution. If I like this, and can get a better bass drum sound out of it (I haven't tried different heads yet), I plan to mount the cymbal and hats off of one solid stand (right now I just have the hats on a hat stand). Playing balancing on one foot doesn't seem that hard.

But I'm wondering if just having a regular bass drum wouldn't be better? Looking at my set-up here, I think it takes up about the same amount of space. What do ya' think?
I've seen people convert drum sets into a compact form. I hesitate to call them cocktail sets because if you ain't standing, then it ain't cocktail. If you're sitting to play, then it's a drum set, whether it's a 20 piece monstrosity or a floor-tom-converted-to-bass-drum two-piece compact kit.

Your floor tom/bass drum sounds fine. If you want the convenience of a compact set, you will have to adjust to the different sound. You won't be as loud, but most musicians and audience members would welcome that, especially in a coffeehouse setting.

I think you need to get a better idea of what you want. If you want to play a regular bass drum, then play a regular set and make it as compact as you can and be prepared to deal with requests to play more quietly in coffeehouses. If you want to have a set optimized for lower-volume gigs, then step off the ledge and get a standing cocktail set. If you want to chart some middle course and stay in familiar territory, then build on what you have in the YouTube video.

I can tell you, there is nothing like playing standing. Now I understand why everyone else stands to play. From a practical standpoint and from a cool factor, a true cocktail set can't be beat for coffeehouse gigs.
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