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Default Re: Should I warn them???

Ok...I just ordered the Blade Runner Final Cut double DVD from Amazon.It's on sale for a little over 4 bucks US.With shipping and tax it was under 9 bucks total.

Now that I know Deckard is a replicant for sure.I just have to see it.I just read Ridley Scotts interview about the movie.

FYI..there are a few variations of the 82 release out there as well.Some were sanitized with less violence,and one has Zhora(Joanna Cassidy) actually doing her own stunt as she flys through a plate glass window as opposed to a stunt double that was used in the original.

I've read all of Herberts sequals to Dune ,but I wonder why it didn't translate well to the screen in three different attempts.I think direction was lacking.

Steve B
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