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Default Re: Just Bought a late 60's Luddy Kit

Ludwig used white interior (resocoat and keystone badge) shells up until late 68 as some of these were warehoused and made before the transition.Even some shells before 69 were maple/poplar/mahogany,depending on the finish.If the shell was a stain or painted finish,the exterior ply was maple.

You can still find some late 60's drums with clear interiors and keystone badges.

Some shells later than 69 (B&O badge) were mahogany/poplar/maple,clear interior but by 71 all the shell were maple/poplar/maple 3 plys.If one showed up with a mahogany ply ,it was a leftover pre 70's.These were primarily used on the standard line with granitone interiors.

Steve B

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