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Default Re: Just Bought a late 60's Luddy Kit

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Mine were advertised as Maple Poplar Maple so they should be clear inside, Correct?
Were the white interior shells from 61 to around 67 Mahogany or Maple?
M/P/M's are clear on the inside. They also have the B/O pointy badges, not keystone badges. Your's really should be white painted. If they were advertised as M/P/M and you got them from Maxwells....something doesn't add up. Either they were advertised wrong, or there are some M/P/M's with keystone badges, which I doubt, but with Ludwig, one never knows. Well actually Steve would know. I'm going with white painted interior and a mahogany/poplar/maple shell. And an awesome WMP finish :)
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