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Default Re: Just Bought a late 60's Luddy Kit

1968 was changes for Ludwig. They stopped making the mahogany/poplar/maple shell .... and started making the maple/poplar/maple shell. Info from the vintage drum guide .....
Ludwig White Interiors - Benjamin Moore Regal Semi Gloss Finish N333 (Formerly - Benjamin Moore Aqua Glo White)

Just to make it very clear, with Ludwig drums there are transition shells that might not fit these dates with a different ply make-up. Also, on drums with wood finished exteriors that were lacquered then the exterior ply would normally be maple. This is not an exact science and the cross over drums between changes add a twist to the history of Ludwig.

Ludwig Shells Basic shell information 3-Ply Shells Shell Material Interior
1960 Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany Clear Lacquer
1961-1967? White Paint
1968 Switched to clear interiors and also the baseball bat mufflers Maple/Poplar/Maple Clear Interior
1976 3ply shells switched to 6 ply shells some time in 1976-77
Ludwig Date Stamps
Date stamping started around 1956 with larger numbers and letters in red ink, then in 1961-1962 stampings were still red, but with slightly smaller characters. In 1963 shells can be found with red or black ink stamps. (Rob Cook)
Wildbill .... 6 ply should have clear interiors. So an aftermarket paint job .... or those drums weren't 6 ply.
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