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Originally Posted by adam! View Post
Thanks man. You're right, there may be a minor lug splay. Even in person, it's so slight that I'm still not sure! haha

How would you say the S hoop would act as opposed to the 2.3 triple flange?

Thank you. I believe this shell was $230 shipped. Just contact Josh. Really good prices and build quality. He added the re-rings at no cost. I believe he has shells on ebay all the time too.

Concerning the throw-off, I believe it's just Ego Drum Supply brand. It's a great throwoff, as you said, because it holds its tension in any position.

Edit: I found Josh's ebay store here. It looks like the shells are cheaper than I thought. He also offers custom builds and layout/drilling. Great option for a DIY project.

Yes, the Ego is similar to the Trick throwoff.

That's a decent price for a stave shell. Great workmanship isn't free.
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