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Default Re: Pearls of Wisdom from Dave Grohl

Originally Posted by _Leviathan_ View Post
. What does American Idol have to do with making the next Nirvana? Does the fact that 800 unknowns lineup to sing to become the next "big thing" have any connection at all with kids getting excited about rock, metal, whatever and tinkering around with their instruments until they become gigging musicians in the next generation? Would Kurt Cobain have gone on American Idol? I really don't see any connection at all personally.
Fair point.

I think the rant is essentially, singers no longer go looking for bands, they "line up".
But you make a valid point that the singers that would join a rock band and the singers who would apply to be on AI aren't really the same types of people (with a few exceptions)

Originally Posted by _Leviathan_ View Post
Also, for all his anti-digital rants, Foo Fighters records were chopped up, pro-tooled to hell and back, and recorded section by section then edited together. Doesn't that seem hypocritical? There's music made without click tracks, excessive pro-tooling, and minimal overdubs that is just as boring and cliche as bands that use digital studio sticks extensively. Just different ways of making music that aren't any more valid or less "real" than more natural recordings. As soon as you use any effects, punch-ins, multitracking and altering the music period you aren't playing live, raw music..
I tend to agree.

I recall on a Classic Albums: Nirvana Nevermind, one song was Kurt strumming to guitar, and Grohl's parts were recorded bar by bar and lined up to the strumming.

Obviously, there is something to be said for doing one take all the way through, but the fact remains many,many classic albums consistent of tape cuts, and compilations of various takes to make the final recording.
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