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Default Re: Just Bought a late 60's Luddy Kit

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
It was kind of an impulse Larry. I was scanning Steve Maxwell's site and there they were.
When I saw the condition and I read what Steve wrote about the kit in his description I had to buy it.
Steve has a great rep for telling it exactly like it is.
He basically said that this is one of the best examples of a 60's Ludwig kit that he has ever seen. He said that if it wasn't for the 20" bass he would keep them for his personal collection.
In my case I wanted the 20" bass.

This looks to me like a kit that was kept in the best of conditions by upstanding owner/s.
I plan on doing the same.

tamadrm, Its gonna be coated ambs top and bottom on these toms and probably a PS3 coated on the bass batter side.
I probably won't gig with this kit. I have my 2012 Club Date for that purpose.
This will be a home studio queen :)

Yeah I should have said a PS3 on the bass and maybe a Dr.Scholls moleskin patch on the batter side to get maybe just a little more punch .That head combo just brings out that beautiful vintage Ludwig sound.

You can't go wrong with buying from Steve Maxwell.The guy and his staff just know their stuff and you can be sure that kit is the real deal.

For a time the 20" bass drum was optional on the classic series but they were usually sold 13/16/22.

Again...beautiful drums,and that version of Ludwig WMP is in my opinion much nicer than the later trapazoid pattern..

Steve B

Steve B
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