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Default Re: Pearls of Wisdom from Dave Grohl

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
Absolutely. I'm sure many enjoy the convenience of iTunes etc. but to me going and holding the music in your hands is just as important. Moreover, just like in a book library, its the album next to the one's you're searching for and find by accident that are what I'm referring to as the fun of discovery. I'm not sure anybody finds anything on iTunes by accident.

But I'm just sounding old now. Of course there would be no DW 'back in the day' either.
I would quite happily say that in many regards I'm old-fashioned (I'm 24). I adore buying vinyl records and browsing book shops. Over-organisation of second-hand shops drives me around the bend because it's all about that joy of discovery. I've been to some great bookshops where there are quite literally piles of books (It's in Morecambe, Lancashire the one I'm referring to if anybody is from around there) and there was always something interesting, hidden under other books. I can spend hours rifling through and I love it.

Now I'm out of the avant-garde scene (curse you, University graduation!) it's one of the few ways I have of discovering the really obscure bands. If they are as obscure as some of the records I've found, there's no hope I'll ever find them on my own using Google.
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