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Default Re: Just Bought a late 60's Luddy Kit

It was kind of an impulse Larry. I was scanning Steve Maxwell's site and there they were.
When I saw the condition and I read what Steve wrote about the kit in his description I had to buy it.
Steve has a great rep for telling it exactly like it is.
He basically said that this is one of the best examples of a 60's Ludwig kit that he has ever seen. He said that if it wasn't for the 20" bass he would keep them for his personal collection.
In my case I wanted the 20" bass.

This looks to me like a kit that was kept in the best of conditions by upstanding owner/s.
I plan on doing the same.

tamadrm, Its gonna be coated ambs top and bottom on these toms and probably a PS3 coated on the bass batter side.
I probably won't gig with this kit. I have my 2012 Club Date for that purpose.
This will be a home studio queen :)
I kind of like old drums:)

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