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Default Re: Pearls of Wisdom from Dave Grohl

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
I'd agree with you. You are almost nowhere without some use of computers in anything nowadays.....but Grohl's way is so much more fun.

I think the internet and computers have spoiled a lot of 'discovery' and made some aspects of life less exciting and adventurous.

As for his war against these Idol and Voice shows, .. Go Dave! I music needs a spokesperson like him.
In terms of discovery? Sometimes.

I'm in the fortunate position of being interested in some very obscure music and I can still get a kick from going to a record (vinyl) store and browsing through the 'Avant-Garde' section and then buying based on the price and/or cover. That's a great joy I have that isn't necessarily tempered by the Internet. I've discovered some great new music this way.

Old fashioned? Sure. Fun though!
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