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Default Re: Pearls of Wisdom from Dave Grohl

I agree with most of what he says.

I think the Internet and computers are now vital in music making (at least in some genres) although I'll echo his sentiments and say that you definitely don't need a powerful or new computer to make great music. If you want to use a computer, go and buy a proverbial old computer and work out what you can do with it, with free software.

'Having a go' when you're still in your formative stages is really vital. I was terrible when I first played with other people, I was terrible for a long time (whereas now I'm 'acceptable') but we had fun, made music, irritated people with our noise and generally made music fun. Those bands never went anywhere but it was great fun and I learned a lot about life and about people - as well as music - in those first few bands that I joined.

You don't need expensive guitars. You don't need expensive computers. You don't need expensive drums, or amps or basses. It helps to know how to make the most out of them but you can do great things with (say) a low-end Squier or Yamaha Pacifica. Making the most of a limited budget or limited instruments (and ability!) is a great way of learning what is possible and finding out about yourself and your music.
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