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finnhiggins you have a good point

but i've seen some weird and crazy stuff he's done that will never be seen on MTV or any "big" concert

for example- his snare technique in the live version of "there is" at the jay leno show, and i've seen him play a intricated but catchy technique based beat in "i miss you" live in some European show

i think the problem is that since blink-182 is/was a big catchy pop-punk band, everyone bases travis's drumming off of that- for example- when the show "cribs" is on MTV and "the rock show" is played in the back ground, or "all the small things" people bass his drumming off of that

i've seen him live in two guitar center drum offs as a special guest and thats where he pulls out more challenging drumming

and another thing, travis can't control how much publicity he gets, he has a very professional attitude, and he never critcizes anyone and he is very quiet in person, just because he gets a lot of attention doesn't necessarily mean he brags about it
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