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Originally Posted by beatsMcGee
im gonna disagree with the punk being more popular than rap/ r and b... while there may be more people into drumming in the punk genre there are definitly more fans of rap and r&b than punk music..
That's true, but who cares about the drummers? Even the more well-known producers are still relatively unknown by the majority of people who buy the music, and most hip-hop/r&b acts aren't bands as such and don't have a full-time drummer. They have sidemen they hire. And in all honesty, even as a drummer I'd be hard pressed to name which particular guy is working for which particular act on a given tour.

I mean, seriously. Name a hip-hop drummer who's actually in an act people have heard of. I'll get you as far as ?uestlove...

As such the hip-hop/r&b guys don't tend to sell as many drum kits or signature sticks to young players. It's just the way things go. Punk is the popular "band style" with the kids these days. So it should be fairly unsurprising that a punk guy will get a lot of love and attention from that direction.
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