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Default Re: Show us your Four Piece Kits.

Originally Posted by AxisDrummer View Post
Wow, those look unbelievable. I've always wanted an acrylic set but of course that's based on looks. I own a Pork Pie acrylic snare and love it, but I know nothing of hearing acrylic toms/bass in person.

I'd love to get a set of acrylic Pork Pies but I don't make 6 figures! I've been playing a 6 piece kit, 2 up 2 down in my four-piece rock cover band. I've been dabbling with the thought of finding a talented guitarist/singer and attempting a 2-man-original-band minimalist approach ala Black Keys or White Stripes. And with that, I'd prefer to play 1up, 1 down. That 5 piece Crush set is definitely affordable, but I'd love to purchase the drums individually as I really wouldn't need the high tom or snare.
to be honest I rarely use the 10" tom it sounds sweet but i'm a 4-piece player i've been contemplating of selling it & getting the 18" floor tom instead & using 2 floor toms but it's not super important right
I really like the sound of the acrylics especially the bass drum it might be a 18 x 22 bass but it booms like a 24 with a really nice punch. the only drawback is that they're f**king but damn they do sound good so it's worth if you're thinking about it get em' I have no regrets after getting these drums.

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