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Default My possible alternative cocktail kit?

Hi all,

I've futzed around with one of my bass drum pedals so it would strike upward and have cobbled my Slingerland kit into a 2-piece cocktail kit. I'm debating getting into cocktail drums for a potential coffee house-type group, but I think a regular cocktail kit is too tall for me.

I'd be interested in your thoughts on my solution. If I like this, and can get a better bass drum sound out of it (I haven't tried different heads yet), I plan to mount the cymbal and hats off of one solid stand (right now I just have the hats on a hat stand). Playing balancing on one foot doesn't seem that hard.

But I'm wondering if just having a regular bass drum wouldn't be better? Looking at my set-up here, I think it takes up about the same amount of space. What do ya' think?
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