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Default Re: SHOW THE SNARES you owned and choose the best one !

I've owned a couple dozen snares over the last 30 years and am down to just three (that aren't currently listed for sale*) - all 6.5x14 metal snares:

Tama Mastercraft 8056 steel circa '84 (collecting dust atm)
Ludwig Black Beauty LB417
Ludwig Supra LM402

I'd post pics but everyone already knows what they look like.

Call me Mr. Bland but the Supra is my favorite by a fairly comfortable margin. It just has *that* sound that never disappoints no matter how I tune it. The Black Beauty seems to be a lot more finicky and takes too much effort, but is very nice when dialed in, though still not as satisfying as the 402.

* the Joyful Noise TKO brass is on the chopping block
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