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Default Hello!

Real name?: Frederick.
Age?: 43
How long have you been playing?: +/- 25 years. I started on drums in 6th grade, but I didn't get a kit until I was 18. In retrospect, I feel that the first half of that time was spent developing really bad technique, and the other half has been spent undoing the damage, so to speak.
Origin of user name?: First name, middle initial...simple as that.
Your top 5 drummers?: Steve Gadd, Bernard Purdie, Al Jackson Jr., John Bonham, Steve Ferrone
Make of drumkit?: Ellis
Make of cymbal?: Zildjian
Where do you practice?: Most of my serious practice time is spent on the pads at home.
Are you in a band?: An R&B cover band called "No Limits"
Favourite take out food?: Vietnamese
What country do you live in?: United States
How did you start drumming?: I started in music as a cello player in 5th grade, but was terrible at it. Since I found tapping out rhythms on the back of the cello to be more satisfying that bowing or plucking the strings, the transition to drums seemed natural.
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