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Anthony Amodeo
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Originally Posted by Thaard View Post
I quick update: I've decided to start learning trad grip, because it feels better and is more dynamic. My teacher noted that my left hand comping sounded a bit "sterile" and "clinical" when i was playing/comping with american/french grip(especially when I was playing from notation). I will probably only use the trad when playing jazz and jazzy-type stuff and use french when I need something more loud/explosive.
I think that is great Thaard

I know you are an advanced player and have a good jazz teacher so I am confident that you will develop this properly and affectively

if I have one bit of advice it would be to be sure you develop that thumb and being able to control the stick with it ....even without using any wrist motion

I have found in my years of playing trad grip that this has helped me greatly...... especially with soft strokes used in comping , particularly at up tempos
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