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Default Re: Favorite Drummer?

Cannot narrow down to one favorite. I'll give you ten and tell you why I love them and how they inspired me.

1. Keith Moon. The personification of rock and roll mayhem and a very musical slammer. His drumming was keyed into telling the story of the song. Suggested Listens: Who - Quadrophenia, Who - Tommy

2. Andy Newmark: Complete soul and taste. The span of his discography shows his reliability and versatility. Suggested Listens: Roxy Music - Avalon, John Lennon - Double Fantasy, Sly & The Family Stone - Fresh

3. John Bonham: His was the essence of thunder. Very articulate in his playing, his bass drum foot was magical. Suggested Listens: Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti, Led Zeppelin III

4. Bill Bruford - Musical, graceful, intelligent in everything he plays. A true explorer. Suggested Listening: King Crimson - Red, Yes - Close To The Edge, anything with Earthworks or his work with Tony Levin.

5. Terry Bozzio - Turned drumming inside out and upside down. Suggested Listening: Frank Zappa - Zoot Allures, Missing Persons - Spring Session M, Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop

6. Buddy Rich - Um, he's Buddy Rich. Suggested Listens: Big Band Machine, Roar of '74, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

7. Stewart Copeland - Total commitment to the music, song. On the top, push and pull of tempo and mood, simple flourishes, hi-hat work incredible. Suggested Listens: All Police records

8. Ian Paice - Ian's work still boggles my mind. Complex, busy yet completely grooving. Suggested Listens: Deep Purple - Machine Head, Deep Purple - Fireball

9. Tony Williams - A force of nature. Listen to his growth and versatile playing on his Miles Davis works, plus his experiments with Tony Williams' Lifetime

10. Jack DeJohnette -Jack will always surprise you. Listen to his works with Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett, then discover his vast solo efforts.


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