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Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
I've never been in that situation thankfully, but if I were terminally ill, or really depressed, the last thing I would want to hear is one of those empty statements for the hundredth time. It's almost reflexive, not really a thought or original sentiment. I can say for sure I hate being "consoled" with the old "they're in a better place now", after someone close to me passes.

But then, I'm a crotchety bastard.
Agree Watso. The original sentiments are can be seen as based on logic but are most likely said with clichés or superstition in mind.

Having said that, I'm fine with people uttering inanities after someone dies. Hardly anyone knows what to say so it's really just a vague gesture of support. I'd rather them give me mindless clichés than to throw rocks.

I think most people just say "I'm sorry".

"Huh? That's ok. What did you do?"

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