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Default Re: Sonor Force 2000 bass drum mount issues

Originally Posted by ProZak View Post
Hey everyone

About a month ago I purchased a Sonor Force 2000, so far it is serving me well, it is a great little kit.

I am slowly(ish) building up all the stands and cymbals etc that I need/want. This is where I encounter my problem. I want to mount a cymbal using a boom arm from the bass drum so it will sit where the 2nd rack tom would normally sit. The problem is that after purchasing a pearl ch 1000 boom arm I realize that it in fact slightly too small to fit in the bass drum mount.

I have measured the bass drum mount and it appears to be about 22mm, which is just slightly off the standard 7/8 inch stand.

So finally I come to my question, is there a way to increase the diameter of the pearl stand to make it fit with out any rattling etc? I was thinking perhaps wrapping it with duct tape where the stand would enter the top of the bass drum. Any thoughts?
That's a weird issue. I suppose it can't be designed for a 1" post, then. I guess your duct tape would be a good solution. Or you could get a clamp and mount the cymbal off of a right-side stand.
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