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Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
It's all empty nonsense. Mortality is something that we all struggle with in one way or another. It's uncomfortable and we don't want to really think about it. Instead, people regurgitate statements such as you mention, often more as a means to make themselves feel better than the affected party.
Speaking as a sinful heathen, I disagree with you, young Watsisface.

Firstly, "be grateful you are alive" - if we're not undergoing those brutal periods life can serve up we should all be grateful, given that we spent 13.8 billion years not being alive and the lights have briefly been turned on for you before "lights out time" returns in a cosmic blink of an eye. The main beneficiary of any gratitude you feel is yourself so counting your blessings strikes me as a good idea.

Secondly, if someone is in horrible pain or reduced to an undignified shadow of themselves, then any place - including nowhere at all - has to be better.

Next question ... :)
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