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Default Re: Bass drum pedal choice

I played that Speed King for 15 fact I still own one although I dont use it anymore. It only has two adjustments...Spring Tension and beater height. Also, on one gig I was playing ...many many years ago...we were rockin tha house and I was toes deep into the kick with that Speed King and all of a sudden ...the Yoke that holds the Beater - exploded~! Come to find out ...the Yoke is Chromed over Pewter - . The next day I bought a different pedal that had a chain, had several adjustments. That being said, personally I would pick a pedal that has multiple adjustments ...and one thing I always do when looking at equipement Im not familar with, is to read as many reviews on that item as possible and I always buy from a reputable dealer as most online dealers give you at least 30 days to decide if you like it or not.
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