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Default Re: Should I buy an e-kit?

This is a great question, I'd like to ask what is your goal in playing edrums.. Mine is simple, I want drums to sound great in any room, concert hall etc. .I want control over the volume in small rooms, I don't want to have to mic every drum ( I only use real cymbals). There are lots of choices, I've been playing all kinds of edrums for over twenty years, and have spent and wasted thousands and thousands of dollars...If you are looking for a real looking set cause they are the only choice in my mind are Space Muffins by Boom Theory. If you play in Jazz or use your snare for more than just playing on two and four, but need the nuances, need to play brushes, no snare on the market edrums I'm talking about here will give you the sound and playability you need.. Here is a solution presented to me by Al of Boom Theory...He is building me a set of Space Muffins and to go along with the kit is an acoustic snare. I play jazz, there just isn't an edrum snare including space muffin snare that will allow you to play brushes. Roland lied about this, and I like Roland stuff, but as yet the perfect module and edrum snare does not exist, if it does I'd love to know.

There is nothing I've ever used that tracks like Space Muffins, they are gorgeous drums but they're edrums..The module you pick is a huge deal, don't skimp, yu won't be happy if you do..The DDrum 4SE by Clavia is the only module I've used including top end Rolands that track perfectly, but you gotta have the right edrums, my pick Boom Theory. The sounds in the DDrum 4SE especially in the Mega kits are stunning. Just some of my thoughts, trying to save those of you who are new to edrums a lot of money. Everyone has their favorite stuff, because I've played everything out there my choice after 40 years of drumming is Boom Theory drums and the DDrum 4SE module..Hope this helps..Steve Amatucci
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