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Default Re: Help choosing bass drum pedal, PLEASE!

I have the latest DW 5002. I have been using the different versions of the pedal for over twenty five years..I recommend it for durability and feel.

I've had the 9000 and didnt like it for the reason people have said here - too smooth, if that makes any sense. Everybody likes something different. I guess my foot likes to work a little bit at least and have some resistance. Resistance is really a strong word, because the 5000 pedal doesn't make you work per say...but I like to feel something down there. The 5000 is plenty smooth enough. I play with the beaters they come with and I can generate plenty of power.

After the 9000 I bought a Trick Bigfoot - great pedal and very adjustable. The thing was - I was trying to adjust it so it felt like my I bought the newest 5000 and I'm back to DW.

I have a heavy foot and tended to break the pedals I bought. I havent broke any of my 5000's. I gig and play out on a regular basis.

I haven't played the Yamaha.

Hope this helps.
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