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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

Originally Posted by Toolate View Post
I would love to hear Larry's review of an e-kit. Any chance you could play one at a music store?

I think E kits are great for practice purposes, where volume consideration is a prime consideration. More power to the people who use them for this purpose. If I had a choice between not practicing at home, or practicing on an E kit, I would go E for sure. I don't have that limitation where I live. So no E kits for me.
Reviewing an E kit at a music store....waste of time IMO. Let me review an E kit at a gig. THAT'S where my problem lies with E kits. I just don't like the sounds they make. They are good enough for practice, but for a gig? Give me real drums. I don't want perfect tones. I hear the guys playing the E drums in the music stores. It never draws me in, because half the skill is making a good tone. I naturally dismiss E tones because they are not real, they are artificial. If you hold your stick tight and tense, the A drum will pick up on that. If you hold your sticks loose and relaxed, your A drum will reflect that too. That's a drummers touch. Do E kits reflect how tight your stick is held? I'm thinking no. That's just one tiny aspect among many others.

I'm guessing that yes I could adapt quick enough with an E kit at a gig, and I could find a way to make it work....good enough. Good enough isn't the way I operate, I like to go the extra mile, heck an extra 10 miles. Plus now, geez, I have to set up some kind of monitoring system to hear myself. Negates any benefit right there. And cymbal tones are just a major portion of my playing. Major. I'm pretty sure I would have big, no HUGE issues with rubber cymbals and hi hats. And perfect drum tones are too artificial for me. It's the imperfections in tone that make drums sound human. I want music to sound human, not cyborg.
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