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Default Re: Thoughts on this combination of cymbals? (video)

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
Well those are all really nice cymbals and combine pretty well. I usually never use more than 2 or 3, so to me the 2 K's on right side seemed duplicative. But man, that Dream 24 is really nice, as is the Sweet ride. I tried a Dream 22 crash/ride and it didn't work for me. That 24 is more what I was seeking at the time. You have some nice sounding stuff.
Thanks man. I'm a rock player and usually use hats, 1 ride, and 2 crashes. I had a crapload of cymbals around and recently sold alot of them off. I recently got a Paiste Giant Beat set, which has become my "go to" set for rock stuff.

These are the cymbals I liked the most out of the ones I sold, so they're still here. To be honest, I was about to sell that 24" Dream ride. But after putting some tape on the bottom, it sounds pretty darn good! It was a bit much for me before that.

I figured the 21" Sweet Ride, 20" K Ride, and 18" K Dark Thin Crash are still very good rock cymbals, so they're most likely staying! I just have this urge to get more Paistes. LOL

I also have a set of 15" Dream Bliss hats that are killer, but those aren't in this video (obviously.)
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