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Default Re: Should I learn the bass?

Originally Posted by MapexDrums View Post
Hey guys it's been a while and sorry for bothering but erm.. It's about the bass.
I've been starting it and training technique and stuff on it but I also need to focus on drums right?. Anyways, I have a really rough schedule with school with so much.. much.. Homework and tests and it's really hard to keep up practicing bass that I am gonna get but currently on classic guitar and I need to also practice drums. It's really hard to keep up with all this stuff that I need to do and there are some days that I can barely get to practice anything.
What should I do? This has already effected the time limit that I train, In vacations and holidays it's 4-6 hours a day and now it's barely 20-30 minutes a day :/.

This is really hard, What do you think I should do with my schedule? school is very important and I need to somehow keep up with everything..
Thanks for the help :)
Here's a little bit of advice for you.

It helps to be patient. Nobody is telling you that you need to be great at all your instruments tomorrow. Sometimes, if all we can do is ten minutes of practice a day on an instrument then you might really focus that practice. The amount of time isn't important, it's how good your practice is. On top of that, stop pressurising yourself! It seems like you're really worried about everything - well, truth is that at this point in your life, you're not having to worry about supporting a family with your playing and it's something you're doing 'for fun'. Well have fun with it!

Incidentally, I play bass and guitar as well as the drums. I don't think about 'scheduling', I just pick up which ever instrument I feel with at that time.
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