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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

Originally Posted by toddmc View Post
The Pearl E-Pro is most definitely NOT on the list! : )
I've actually had the (dis)pleasure of having a go on one of these and was underwhelmed to say the least. Their Redbox module produces the crappiest, tinniest sounds I've ever heard and their Tru-Trac heads are like hitting a foam mattress (although that's probably because I'm used to the extra "bounciness" of mesh heads).
Their major selling point at the time was "Wow, you can take off the Tru-Trac heads, put on mylar heads and use it as an A-kit"! Well, whoopdi-doo- you can convert any A-kit into and e-kit with mesh heads and a few triggers (and you get to choose any kit you like).
I completely understand your frustrations with e-kits (God knows we all have them) and I know you said you were playing them up until 2 years ago.
The point I was trying to make is that you seem to be a tad "bitter and twisted" about your e-drumming experiences when they were still in their relative infancy and this may have skewed your judgement of present day e-kits.
Sure, many of the same short-comings are still there but with the current technology I truly believe e-kits are not as cumbersome as you may think.
Well, if it's not electricity dealing with the audio rig, I tend to be bitter and twisted around drums having to be wired and powered up. Hitting an eKit harder and harder but you get nothing back, that twists me up too. I'm just getting simpler in my old age ;)
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