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Originally Posted by Benfordrum View Post
Random and not huge news, but Vinnie has made the switch to 5B! Maybe a signature model will come out? Or maybe they'll just keep the classic 5B? Who knows!

Check out 2:07
On the one hand, Vinnie is a huge coup for any company to claim, and you'll notice that Ludwig and Paiste did not hesitate to get him into their marketing as quickly as possible. On the other hand, it's kind of interesting to see him jumping all his ships at once... although in fact Vic is part of Zildjian now, so it's not really a jump. Since he left Zildjian as a cymbal artist, it's not surprising he would move to another stick company too, at least in name. That must have been an awkward meeting at the Vic/Zildjian combined artist relations meeting.
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