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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

Originally Posted by toddmc View Post
Well as far as modules go you've already named 3 of the "Big 4" (Roland, Yamaha and Alesis) but the other one would be 2Box.
I've heard of life long Roland owners singing their praises and making the switch so if any company was going to knock Roland off it's perch it would probably be them.
As for support, obviously if something breaks sometimes you have no choice but to send it back to the company from whence it came. However, 9 times out of 10 I've found a solution to any e-drums problem by checking out the V-drums forum and fixing it myself.
You mentioned how expensive it was to replace mesh heads. If you were to pay Roland's extortionist prices, yeah you'd be up for some cash. But with companies like 682Drums, Z-Ed, Billy Blast,etc- all much cheaper alternatives than Roland and just as good IMO.
Same goes for triggers. $120 for Roland to replace a foam cone with a piezo on the bottom?? Highway robbery! Thankfully you could use Ddrum triggers, Quartz percussion harnesses or make them yourself if you're that way inclined.
Like I said, heaps of options and many more I haven't mentioned.
Would Pearl be on that list as well? Isn't their acoustic drum/eKit making as big a splash as they'd like?

So, you see, after all these years of playing, I must be totally passionless about the electric thing. I used to effect my own repairs on the ancient octapads back in the day and (back then) bugging technicians in person (since there wasn't really an internet at the time) for advice on what to do and I guess the one good thing about all of that is I got mad soldering skills that I use to this day on my regular audio engineer job. But somewhere along the line I added up all the time, money, and effort put into this part-time electronic drumming business and decided to stop the madness. Again, this gets back to the "why don't I just get to it" passion of acoustic drumming. I had certainly wasted years of time I could've spent practicing my acoustic craft, which is what everyone really wants anyway. So I've done that (TD-10 and Zendrum notwithstanding). Maintaining an acoustic kit is child's play next to making sure the eKit is ready to take on the nightly bashing of a busy schedule.

It's like the questions we get here all the time of folks asking "what are good intermediate cymbals because I can't afford Zildjians?" Well, sooner or later you realize you're gonna get the Zildjians (or any other pro-line cymbals) because there's really no way of getting good acoustic sounds without making the investment in the right stuff. Ekits are like that. I think people get them because of the promise of replicating an acoustic kit in a band situation and really, it's only good for maybe 40% of those situations. That other 60% is eventually going to pull you back to where you started from.

Players like Neil Peart and Omar Hakim get to have the best of both worlds when they go out to play. Bill Bruford mixed the two as well. The only person that was brave enough to use a V-Drum kit exclusively for one tour was Pat Mastellotto with King Crimson after Bill Bruford and Tony Levin left the band - and then he only did that for one tour - and I thought it was obvious why because it didn't sound as good as the real thing (as evidenced in the next tour).
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