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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
You're probably right. However, do know I've owned and played the Roland V-Drum TD-10 kit up til two years ago, and I still fumble around on the Zendrum (which I've always played since 1998). If it sounds like I've lost interest it's probably because I've been pursuing playing actual drums, which for a guy like me - who's dealt with every technological headache associated with playing these things live - has just been heaven lately. So you'll forgive me, but after all this time dealing with eKits and alternative modes of playing, everything I say about them is going to sound like shortcomings. Now if I never played them live or dealt with them, or even owned them, then I shouldn't talk. But I have.

I'm the embodiment of that phrase Buddy Rich said in his first Modern Drummer interview, when he was asked about drummers who did 'tricks' during a show, or used roto-toms, etc.,..., he said (and I paraphrase) "When you're done with the trick, you're gonna go right back to what you were doing, so why do it in the first place? Why not just get to it?" Meaning the actual playing of real drums. So I'm getting to it, and it's a happy place to be in. When people call me for electronic stuff, I give them names and numbers of others that are into that.

Now, other than Yamaha, who are you talking about being the other games in town? I'm sure they're out there and I'm sure I've never heard of them. But when it comes to the support game when something breaks or needs to be repaired, I think Yamaha and Roland are the only two in the game that can handle that kind of support. Alesis has been an enigma since the beginning. Who else is there? I'd go looking but the fact that I don't hear about other companies doing this (with the right kind of support) from other players tells me something, no?
You're right about Alesis...

When I had a drum head bust on me some time back...the only way I was able to replace it was by buying a full replacement drum on Ebay. It still only cost me the price of a half decent splash cymbal but even so, would have been nice JUST to replace the mylar head.
I lost my bag at Newport Pagnell.....
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