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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

I purchased a fairly cheap E Kit (Alesis) when I got back into drumming. The next thing I purchased when we started gigging was an old Sonor acoustic kit. It was a quarter the price (only cost me 100) but what do I prefer playing? Of course, the Sonor.

However, my E Kit is probably the most valuable investment I ever made because it facilitated practicing at home for me. And after a decade out of music, the one thing I have had to do on joining a band which play faster punk/pop is to practice.

On a practical level E Kits are so useful. The key element of drumming I would imagine is 'timing'. Who can argue on the validity of using a set of E Drums to hone ones timing. Does it matter that they don't sound like a top of the range Does it hell. Do they help improve on your timing and technique...of course they do.

I love both instruments...they both have completely different applications for me. I'd be lost without either.

I have the E Kit setup as identically to my acoustics as possible when practicing. And practice takes the form of a warm up then hell I just play along to as varied a set of tunes as possible, usually with speed being the common denominator.

The drums themselves...feelwise I don't see the chasmic difference that some do. Perhaps that's because I'm only a pretty simple amateur drummer playing fairly simple music. The cymbals on the Ekit leave a lot to be desired. However, I would say that I'd rather hit the cymbal from an E Kit than a cheap, bottom line cymbal. You can do more with a cheap rubber thing present on an Alesis E Kit, than with an old Paiste 101 IMHO.

Again, I dig both kits...I wish I could afford to buy more expensive, better kits on both planes
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