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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Now, other than Yamaha, who are you talking about being the other games in town? I'm sure they're out there and I'm sure I've never heard of them. But when it comes to the support game when something breaks or needs to be repaired, I think Yamaha and Roland are the only two in the game that can handle that kind of support. Alesis has been an enigma since the beginning. Who else is there? I'd go looking but the fact that I don't hear about other companies doing this (with the right kind of support) from other players tells me something, no?
Well as far as modules go you've already named 3 of the "Big 4" (Roland, Yamaha and Alesis) but the other one would be 2Box.
I've heard of life long Roland owners singing their praises and making the switch so if any company was going to knock Roland off it's perch it would probably be them.
As for support, obviously if something breaks sometimes you have no choice but to send it back to the company from whence it came. However, 9 times out of 10 I've found a solution to any e-drums problem by checking out the V-drums forum and fixing it myself.
You mentioned how expensive it was to replace mesh heads. If you were to pay Roland's extortionist prices, yeah you'd be up for some cash. But with companies like 682Drums, Z-Ed, Billy Blast,etc- all much cheaper alternatives than Roland and just as good IMO.
Same goes for triggers. $120 for Roland to replace a foam cone with a piezo on the bottom?? Highway robbery! Thankfully you could use Ddrum triggers, Quartz percussion harnesses or make them yourself if you're that way inclined.
Like I said, heaps of options and many more I haven't mentioned.
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