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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

The idea of having a heated discussion about whether the discussion is heated or not appeals to me somehow ...

Apart from "live & let live", my first thought was that, as an analogy, you can't compare a piano and organ. But organs aren't used as piano replacements, so a better analogy would be a weighted keyboard with piano patch.

Naturally electric grands and other piano replacement keyboards became popular because the logistics of lugging an upright or grand piano are even worse than those involved in lugging an acoustic kit.

No one would argue that electric grands are as good as acoustic pianos, but there's not much choice most of the time. Given the increasing challenges in terms of noise complaints and space restrictions, I can see an increasingly expanded role for e-kits - although that trend may well be checked by drum machines anyway.

Acoustic pianos and drums will always be more nuanced instruments but those nuances will be completely lost in an awful lot of pop and rock music. Let's face it, there's a fair bit of music out there that's almost entirely nuance-free. In that case, why not take the road of least resistance?

I say potayto ... does anyone say potahto? :)


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