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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

Originally Posted by Milt Hathaway View Post
I don't know if you've heard of the band, but there's a rock group from Canada called Rush, and their drummer plays e-kit on a number of the band's songs. Somehow he makes them sound very good.
All of the "let it be" arguments aside, this quote I found a bit funny. Also the one about the guy playing for Cher. That's cool that people either have electronics incorporated into their kits or being used as eKits outright. But the difference here is that Mr. Peart chooses to use electronics on a few songs. He has the option of playing acoustic drums. For most of us, the argument becomes a 'either or' proposition because nobody I know slugging it out in clubs or at weddings will be carrying both, and they're certainly not going to be carrying around their own PA for those times when they decide they want to use their electronics for the few songs in their sets. For what we get paid on a casual it wouldn't be worth it, right?

So I get the point of this poster, but it's still not a valid argument.

And railing on Larry doesn't seem that fair, either. As Larry explains it, the gentleman he was talking to had an argument for everything he was against. I'm sure many of us had gotten into those kinds of conversations before on a number of things. And people get defensive on both sides, it's like arguing politics or religion. I guess in the future if you find yourself getting into that kind of argumentative conversation again, just recognize it for what it is and let it go. It does kind of bug me still though. It's like meeting someone who thinks they've seen the light on something and they get totally evangelical about it. That's cool - those people have found a new toy to play with and will argue for it ad nauseum. I just choose not to argue back these days.

Unless the people who swear by their V-Drums are making money doing it, they do eventually find themselves swinging back to the acoustics. Have you guys seen the prices on replacement mesh heads? Or how about when one of those little cone pickups dies in a pad? That is not a cheap and easy fix, and I think when I had a dead TD-10 snare pad, Roland (who is rather close by to me in Los Angeles) wanted to charge me $120 to replace it. I can imagine someone who gigs regularly with their V's and doesn't live close to a big service center. What do you do when a pad dies? Just buy a new one online and hope you get it before the next gig? Heaven forbid your sound module starts acting up during a show and you have no backup. These situations seem absolutely insane to me - which explains why the guys using V-Drums have acoustic kits to play as well.

And I've been there in my small way back in the 80s when I played an Octapad alot. I had spares of everything, and then I realized I was carrying around as much as a regular acoustic kit, and only using half of it because the other half were spares waiting for something to break. It just became this stressful thing that really taxed my will to live on a gig in the 80s and 90s. I'm positive once our eKit friends experience this kind of unnecessary stress, the tunes they sing will change ;)
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