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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

Originally Posted by New Tricks View Post
As far as the lazy thing, yeah, you are being old and stubborn. Are you lazy because you use modern conveniences like indoor plumbing? Are you lazy if you use a hand truck/dolly to move heavy objects? How about if you park as close to the door as possible when loading/unloading your gear? The list goes on forever.
Larry's point wasn't only the lazy part, the difference is that (and I guess this would an opinion) the end result is compromised with E-kits. Parking your car closer and thus having to walk a smaller distance doesn't affect the end result, your kit will eventually be set up, regardless of the effort put in. I guess boats would be a decent analogy as well, you could have the most hip and modern yacht, all metal and plastic, everything looks super "cool". Compare that to a really nice, well built wooden sailing boat, hand crafted details and all that. I know I'd pick the sailing boat...

It turns out that, for what I/we do, it is a perfect fit. If what I do ever requires A drums, I will simply switch back.
Take the ride cymbal for instance, there are so many different ways it can be played, so many different sounds that can come out of it. Compare it to the rubber piece that is supposed to represent that cymbal. It is no way near as sensitive to different techniques, such as where it is played, on the bow with the taper of the stick, or the stick tip, or crashed with the mid part of the stick, crashed with the taper of the stick... I could go on forever. Suppose that an E-kit ride can be played in 10 different ways, then the acoustic ride can be played in 100 different ways. If not 1000.

I must also mention the joy in trying different cymbals in the store, going back and fourth, comparing, until you finally settle on that special cymbal, the one that really speaks to you. Then you bring it home, and start exploring it in the context of the kit as well, it is truly, music.

I just don't see this in E-kits. So you bought your kit. Now go download all the freaking sounds in the world, they still won't sound as lively and genuine as an A-kit. I've played those 4000 E-kits at the music store, compare to the ~4000 I've spent on my kit? As you may suspect, nooo way near. Compare it to a 8000 E-kit, still won't be as good. But sure, it must be getting closer.

So why doesn't your playing require an acoustic kit? My playing involves all those different sounds that the drums and cymbals allow, it's what makes my playing sound like me, it's a part of what makes me a good drummer.
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