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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I'm interested in YOUR thoughts on the matter.
He makes good points and I understand your points as well. Another point he didn't make was, you can be the most skilled drummer in the world but, unless you are playing in an intimate atmosphere, what comes out of the PA is not necessarily what you are playing.

In my opinion, the thing that really matters is the music. Drummers, A or E, are simply one part of the sound.

As far as the lazy thing, yeah, you are being old and stubborn. Are you lazy because you use modern conveniences like indoor plumbing? Are you lazy if you use a hand truck/dolly to move heavy objects? How about if you park as close to the door as possible when loading/unloading your gear? The list goes on forever.

When someone suggested E drums to me a couple years ago, my response was literally, "Blasphemy!!" It turns out that, for what I/we do, it is a perfect fit. If what I do ever requires A drums, I will simply switch back.

I need to go hear this guy on both kits.
That would be a great idea!

Has anyone heard a drummer that plays an E kit and gotten chills from the drum part?
I've never gotten chills from any drum part. The only thing that ever really moves emotionally me is the vocals, and that's only one in a thousands songs.

As a matter of fact, in small venues, I rarely hear an A kit that didn't sound like hell. I don't get out much though :)

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