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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I actually like the non agreement. It forces us to get really deep into things. Please feel free to disagree with me at any time, I dig opposing POV's, it's how people learn to step out of their comfort zone. I must have given the impression from the lazy comment that I am judging people for their E kit choices, and I guess I am. Oh well, guilty as charged. I just don't have the respect I would have for a drummer who can make an A kit sound sublime. The E kit guy took a helicopter ride to the top AFAIC. Now if that same drummer can make the A kit sound sublime, but just likes his E kit, then he has my respect. But if he sounds better on the E kit than the A kit, then yes I take away respect points, which is a judgement. Everyone judges. You judged me for judging. So everyone judges. That's OK, it's a necessary process in figuring out what you like and what you don't. I don't get the negative connotations that go along with judging when judging is an unavoidable process. Everyone judges.

Programming E just can't compare that with developing drumming skills. Yea, you have to learn how to program, yes there's a lot of knowledge there, and yes it takes a lot of time and concentration....but there's clear step by step instructions that anyone can follow! You don't have to suffer any physical discomfort developing muscle technique and fine motor skills, touch, finesse, so they are apples and walnuts. The question that has to be asked, is the end result what you truly desire? Or are the ease of things more important than the end result? That's what I have a problem with, taking the easy way out. But to each their own. Everyone is judged, and to say you (not you personally) don't judge is also an elitist and probably untrue statement.
Haha, yes, I guess I am talking about judging in the negative sense. I think we can disagree without judgment, but I can tell we are simply talking semantics here.

The important part to me, is what you stated in the last paragraph - "The question that has to be asked, is the end result what you truly desire?" This is the meat and potatoes of it, in my mind. The kind of negative judgment I think we should try and avoid, is assuming someone who chooses an e-kit did so only because it is easier. How do we know it wasn't what they truly desire? I don't think we have the right to set the criteria for his choice.

I know you are actually being open minded about a person's playing abilities, Larry, because you said all along that a guy who can play an a-kit has your respect. So, despite how it looks, I really am not attacking or judging you. Just disagreeing about one aspect, or at least putting forth a cautionary plea not to judge too quickly if someone chooses to use an e-kit. I get where you are coming from, I really do, and I'm cool with it.

And for the record, I have suffered much more frustration, not to mention pain and discomfort, trying to follow the so-called step-by-step instructions for various gadgets, than I ever have putting in woodshed hours to develop drumming skills, lol. Drum practice is always a sweet pain.
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